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The Global Makeup Director for Aveda

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The Makeup from Rudy Miles:

Red hair gives you so much freedom to create because you can either harmonize with the hair color or go opposite from it. I like the fact that ALL the colors used all over the models relate to red in some way; blue mixes with red to create violet, yellow and red create orange, and green is the complement to red. You just canít go wrong.

The eye makeup applications are smoky eyes done in various bright colors. First, eyeliner in blue or green was used to create a colorful base to work from. Layered over the liner was the analogous family eye shadow: green shadow over blue eyeliner and blue shadow over green eyeliner. Bright yellow or orange was used as a highlight on and above the cheeks. And then sheer lip colors completed the look. With the powder technique, though, if the colors had bled or smeared, I was doomed. Making the pigments stay on the body, applying them to the right areas, and distributing the color was not easy.

My favorite image of the collection is absolutely the veil! I love the idea of whatís hidden and whatís obvious. The look feels like a waterfall to me with the makeup colors behind the waterfall acting like colorful flowers. But I think the main theme of this collectionís makeup is freedom. Though the makeup pigment seems randomly placed, considerable thought went into the technique. But there also had to be room allowed for the pigments to move freely to where they wanted to go.

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